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(Nina Widjaja)

I wish that I could realize that we have fallen apart
and I have to look inside to see you're (still) in my heart
But I cannot realize that you are gone
and I am on my own and I have to start alone.
I don't know if someone has ever felt the way I do,
I've never wanted anybody to have to.
I don't feel right or cold or blue
and there's no word to explain my pain.
It seems to me just yesterday we held each other tight,
a never-ending-story our love became this night.
I still feel your breath, your warmth, your touch,
it isn't real - it's just too much....
I wish that...
So please excuse these simple words and rhymes,
but don't you think live is complicated enough - sometimes.
Decide what's right and what is wrong.
Another stupid song, a song of love and hope that's gone,
but now I must get stronger!
I wish that...