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Hi there!

Welcome to the web site of Savoy Truffle, the highly astonishing music group from Saarbrücken/Saarland/Germany!

Don't be shocked if some parts of this site are bilingual.

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And may the Truffle Pig be with you!

      Zippo Zimmermann

New band member: Sarah Lysette

Introducing our newest band member: Sarah Lysette will take over the role of lead singer from Awa, who will unfortunately leave us, starting in 2023.

Sarah is 27 years old, from Saarland and studied at the Saarbrücken University of Music – so now she is our second professional in the band next to Siggi, so to speak! :-)

Check out our new video with her!
Have fun!

Sad news:

Our former singer Chiqui passed away today (08.03.2019) after a long disease. She was not only a fantastic singer, but also a person full of energy and joy of life, who put a smile on everyone's face! We have a lot of beautiful and funny memories of you that no one can take from us!

If you like, you can write your memories and thoughts about Chiqui on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.