Dinosaur Sr. (2022)

… an adventure in stereo

Label: Nika Sounds, LC77722
Release: 22.04.2022
CD: NKS202201
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Album Release Concert:
23.04.2022 „Zum Hirsch“, Saarbrücken

Alain Neumann: percussion
Awa Taban-Shomal: vocals
Chris Toff Brill: bass guitar, upright bass, vocals
Frank J. Meyer: drums, percussion
Kathrin Berger: baritone, tenor & soprano sax, glockenspiel
Sigrid Münchgesang: cello
Thom Berger: electric guitar, vocals
Zippo Zimmermann: keyboards, vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar

Special guest:
Meike Degand: theremin (on 1, 8, 11, 13)

Live at Truetone Records (2016)

  1. Acceptance (06:02)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Marietta Schröder
  2. Cutting Hair at Night (04:23)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Johannes Becker
  3. Inside of the Moon (04:28)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Johannes Becker
  4. For a Little While (05:49)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Erika Labinsky
  5. Mi Desengaño Personal (04:47)
    Music: Thomas Josef Berger, Lyrics: Isabel María González Gómez, Manuel González Gómez
  6. Hallucinations (on a hot summer’s day) (06:37)
    Music & Lyrics: Urban Weber
  7. Oceans (04:35)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Dominik Lermen
  8. Give It Up (04:10)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Erika Labinsky
  9. Turn Me On (05:59)
    Music & Lyrics: Thomas Josef Berger
  10. Sag lieber Lebewohl (03:55)
    Music: Zippo Zimmermann, Lyrics: Erika Labinsky

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by Savoy Truffle
Recorded by Oscar Braun & Lars Grote, www.truetonerecords.com
Photos: Katrin Reis & Sascha Markus (concert), Jonas Wimmerström (sheep)
Artwork: Zippo Zimmermann, www.designladen.com

Alain Neumann/ percussion
Awa Taban Shomal/ vocals
Frank J. Meyer/ drums, percussion
Kathrin Berger/ sax, flute, glockenspiel
Natalie Kielbassa/ bass, backing vocals
Sigrid Münchgesang/ cello
Thom Berger/ guitar
Zippo Zimmermann/ key, guitar, voc, accordion
Special Guest:
Meike Degand/ theremin

Zing (2014)

In a hurry? Highlights of the album

Relaxed? The full-length album:

Featuring the regular members:

Alain Neumann: percussion
Awa Taban Shomal: vocals, accordion on “Waltz No 1”
Frank J. Meyer: drums & additional percussion
Kathrin Berger: tenor, alto, baritone sax & flute
Natalie Kielbassa: bass on “Ride on New Horses” , “Take the Burden” & “Waltz No 1”, additional bass on “Punks in July” & “Love Songs”, backing vocals on “Punks in July”, “Love Songs” & “Praise”
Sigrid Münchgesang: cello
Thom Berger: guitar
Zippo Zimmermann: piano/organ, glockenspiel, clarinet, melodica, harmonica, accordion, additional vocals on “No Kiss Left” & “Sachliche Romanze”, additional guitar on “No Kiss Left”

... and the honorary members:

Dausi Jacoby: bass, additional bass on “Ride on New Horses”
Nina Ruchatz: additional vocals on “Poupée de Cire”, backing vocals on “Ride on New Horses” & “Ein Mann gibt Auskunft”

... also featuring the following guest musicians:

Friederike Simon: violin on “Dance, Stranger, Dance” & “Praise”
Karla Lee: backing vocals on “Love Songs”
Katharina Rimbrecht: trumpet on “Poupeé de Cire” & “Take the Burden”
Meike Degand: theremin on “Waltz No 2”
Uwe Himbert: mandolin on “Poupée de Cire”

... and the lyrics by Christoph Endres, Erika Labinsky, Marietta Schröder, Kjartan Fannberg, Erich Kästner & Serge Gainsbourg

All tracks arranged, recorded, produced & mixed by Savoy Truffle between January 2012 & June 2014
Sax & flute recorded by Marcel Sude
Mastered by Michael Schwabe

Photos: Lara Neumann, Katia Berger, Katrin Reis, Zippo Zimmermann, Benno Zimmermann, Nina Ruchatz, Holger Ruchatz

Cover Photo: “Running Boy at Al Alzhar Park” by Linh Nguyen
Artwork: Zippo Zimmermann, www.designladen.com

Special thanks to Marcel Sude & Thomas Braun!
www.savoytruffle.de powered by internett.de


CD-Cover »deux zéro zéro deux« -> enlargedeux zéro zéro deux (2011)

  1. Acceptance 5:44
  2. No Fifty Ways 2:33
  3. Realize 5:53
  4. Finally 2:47
  5. Give it Up* 4:02
  6. The Tube (20th anniversary) 3:43
  7. Thunderstorm 4:22
  8. Invisible Strings 5:12
  9. For A Little While 5:33
  10. La Salvación 3:38
  11. Last Night 4:59
  12. Where is the Love? 5:24
  13. Sag lieber lebewohl 3:23
  14. The Tube (Reprise) 1:36

* inspired by a short story by Franz Kafka

Music by Zippo Zimmermann except "Realize" & "Invisible Strings" (by Nina Ruchatz) and "La Salvación" (by Zippo Zimmermann & Nina Ruchatz)

Lyrics by Marietta Schröder ("Acceptance", "No Fifty Ways"), Nina Ruchatz ("Realize", "Invisible Strings"), Erika Labinsky ("Finally", "Give it Up", "Thunderstorm", "For a Little While", "Sag lieber Lebewohl"), Karsten Ries ("The Tube"), Diana Carmen Bernardi ("La Salvación"), Katrin Reis ("Last Night") & Alain Neumann ("Where is the Love?")


Nina Ruchatz (The artist formerly known as Nina Widjaja) //
vocals, melodica, glockenspiel, piano
Sigrid Münchgesang // cello
Kathrin Berger // alto, tenor & baritone sax, trumpet, flute
Alain Neumann // percussion
Frank J. Meyer // drums & percussion
Thom Berger // guitar
Holger Ruchatz // bass, backing vocals, additional guitar
Zippo Zimmermann //
piano & organ, guitar, clarinet, backing vocals on "Thunderstorm"

special guests:

Jennie Kloos // backing vocals on "No Fifty Ways" & "Give It Up"
Aline Widjaja // violin on "The Tube" & "Thunderstorm", backing vocals on "For a Little While"
Anselm Vogler // violin on "Realize"
Johanna Vogler // viola on "Realize"
Felix Hubert // contrabass on "For a Little While" & "Sag lieber Lebewohl" Katrin Reis // handclaps on "Give It Up"
Michael Schiefner // bass on "La Salvación"

very special guests:

Urban Weber // backing vocals on "The Tube"
Dausi Jacoby // guitar on "The Tube Reprise", bass on "Last Night"

special thanks to:

Thomas Braun, Marcel Sude, Danielle Houset-Kurtenacker, Rudolf Kurtenacker, internett.de

thanks to our supporters:

Annette Speicher/ Autotechnik Steffes/ Barbara Feld/ Bernd Hackstein/ Erika Labinsky/ Familie Kaiser/ Ilona, Heiner & Christian Meyer/ Karin Hohlfeld/ Katia Fuchs/ Katrin Reis/ Lara Schneider/ Michael Grundhever/ Monique Schmidt/ Thomas Flach/ Tom Treitz – you made this possible!

Recorded between January 2010 & March 2011 in Behren lès Forbach, Saarbrücken & Köln. Arranged, recorded & produced by Savoy Truffle.

Mixed by Savoy Truffle & Marcel Sude, mastered by Marcel Sude.

Wir grüßen Nikolaus Kiefer. ¡Saludos a Mariano & Miguel!


CD-Cover »Private Star« -> Enlarge picure

Private Star (2003)

  1. A Little Moment Only
  2. Lost In Silence
  3. The Sky
  4. Why Do I Cry?
  5. Anyone Else
  6. Blowing Up Time
  7. It’s Cold
  8. Private Star ★
  9. Angel
  10. La vida es sueño
  11. When Faith Has Gone
  12. Turn Me On
  13. Not Now

1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11 written by Zippo Zimmermann (music) & Erika
Labinsky (lyrics),
3 by Urban Weber,
6 & 12 by Thomas Josef Berger,
9 by Alain Neumann (music) & Karsten Ries (lyrics),
10 by Zippo Zimmermann (music) & Isabel Maria González Gómez (lyrics),
13 by Alain Neumann

Arranged & produced by Savoy Truffle
Recorded & mixed by Marcel Sude at Twilight Music 2003
Mastered by Michael Schwabe

Jennifer Kloos (lead & backing vocals)
Nina Widjaja (backing vocals, lead vocals on 10 & 12)
Thom Berger (electric guitar, lead vocals on 6)
Frank J. Meyer (drums)
Jens Gebhardt (bass guitar, violin on 7 & 12, backing Vocals on 8, acoustic guitar on 2)
Alain Neumann (percussion, electric piano on 9 & 13, rap on 3)
Judith Schimanowski (cello, backing vocals on 8)
Zippo Zimmermann (electric & “acoustic” piano, organ, synth, acoustic guitar on 5 & 9)
Kathrin Berger (saxophone, triangle on 11)
Very special guest appearance by Urban Weber (backing vocals on 3)
Zippo & Alain play Rhodes – makers of fine keyboard instruments


CD-Cover »¿Dónde está la piscina?«

¿Dónde está la piscina? (1999)

  1. ¿Dónde está la piscina? (3.46)
    (Original Soundtrack from the Movie »¿Dónde está la piscina?«)
  2. Mi desengaño personal (4.10)
  3. Where is the Love? (6.45)
  4. Ein Mann gibt Auskunft (3.58)
  5. Ven hacia mi (5.04)
  6. Before the Sun Goes Down (2.32)
  7. Tonight (4.27)
  8. Mira Mira (3.18)
  9. Ann' the Twen (3.32)
    (dedicaded to Anja Beckert)
  10. Caw the Mew's Caw (2.48)
  11. The Drunken Man's Lullaby (1.49)
  12. Afterglow (5.25)
  13. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (1.17)

You can build your own Do-It-Yourself-¿Dónde está la piscina?:


CD-Cover »Chicas & Pigs«

Chicas & Pigs (1997)

  1. Tomorrow (4.00)
  2. Not For You (4.15)
  3. Until I'm Down (3.21)
  4. Africa (4.10)
  5. Strong Enough (4.54)
  6. Standing Still (2.29)
  7. Dead End Road (3.09)


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