Frequently Asked Questions

What does »Savoy Truffle« mean?

Savoy Truffle, which means »truffle from Savoy«, is a song from the so called »White Album« of the Beatles, the best album in history of history itself.

How do you pronounce »Savoy Truffle«?

Let the Beatles sing it for you:

What does the CD title »Dinosaur Sr« mean?

There is a song on the record that is about dinosaurs. We personally have been called "dinosaurs" for 20 years. Also, the title is a little greeting to all music fans who recognize the reference to the Alternative Hard Rock band "Dinosaur Jr". (with which we have musically absolutely nothing to do ...) :-)

What does the CD title »Zing!« mean?

Hmmm, ... »ama-zing?« or

What does the CD title »Deux zéro zéro deux« mean?

It is an old Savoy Truffle tradition to choose album titles that only we ourselves find funny (just like »Chicas & Pigs« or »Dónde está la piscina?«). We actually like that this makes the title look kind of cryptic and mysterious. But just because it’s you, we will explain it anyway:

Until a short while ago, we used to practice in the basement of Alain’s mother in Behren lès Forbach. This basement was protected by a burglar alarm. And the only ones to activate the alarm – more than once – were … you guessed it. However, instead of sending special police forces to storm the house right away, a friendly French police officer would then call and ask for the code number of the alarm system. And we would politely reply »deux zéro zéro deux«.

Due to the fact that practically all songs on this CD have begun their existence in the basement in Behren, this code has a great deal to do with our music – you could say it’s the album’s code number. Furthermore, the title also represents our French influences, which are of course not that apparent on this album. But this will change on our next one … :-)

And now just a small note for any burglars reading this: Hi there. The alarm system in Behren doesn’t exist anymore and we have meanwhile moved our rehearsal room to Saarbrücken. Sorry about that.

When do you play again?

Take a look at our concert calendar.

If you wish, we’ll also play at your place (see »living room concert«).

Do you make a living with your music?

At least not with this music, no. Rent for the rehearsal room, CD production costs, instruments, technical stuff, bus rent and travel expenses are so high that there is not much left from our fees and CD sales.

But at least we don’t have to pour any money into the band.

The good thing, though, is that this way we are not financially dependent on Savoy Truffle and don’t have to worry about whether our music is somehow saleable or not.

Where can I get your old CDs?

Unfortunately, there are no copies of »¿Dónde está la piscina?« and »Chicas & Pigs« left. Here, you can download the cover and the songs, so you have a nice little DIY-set. »Private Star« is also sold out, but available via streaming services.

With »Bar de Luismi« it’s different: a charming smile might get you one of the few copies left … ;-)

Will you play at our wedding?

If you have enough money to spend: sure… :-)

But there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Even if you love our music – are you sure that your guests will feel the same? It’s just that our music is not what you would usually expect at a wedding.
  2. Our CDs can be played at any volume you choose – but with our live concerts it’s a bit different. If we are rocking, you will not be able to enjoy much of any conversation.
  3. We will not play »I Just Called to Say I Love You«, nor will we play »When a Man Loves a Woman« or »You Are So Beautiful« and ... no, even with guns pointed at our heads, we will not play any song that involves Leonardo DiCaprio and icebergs. Our programme actually consists of songs by only one artist, and that’s Savoy Truffle.

This won’t keep you from hiring us? Well then just click “Booking/Contact” but don’t you say we haven’t warned you … :-)

What's the meaning of the pig/the megaphone etc.?

The enigma of the logos is solved here.

How long have you been playing together?

The first concert by the group, called Spontan at that time, took place on the 7th of April 1990 at Garage Saarbrücken with the following musicians: Beate Michely (voc, acc), Christian Riegel (voc, bass), Dausi Jacoby (gtr), Hanjo Krüger (drums), Heidrun Klemm (cello), Karsten »Tschisi« Ries (voc, guitar), Zippo Zimmermann (key, guitar, clarinet).

In October 1992 joined Alain Neumann (perc) and Frank J. Meyer (drums); at the same time we changed our name to »Savoy Truffle«. Since 1995 Thom Berger (guitar) has been playing with us, since January 2000 Kathrin Berger (sax), since June 2004 Sigrid Münchgesang (cello), since January 2017 Christoph Brill (bass) and since January 2023 Sarah Dahlem (voc.  

More of Savoy Truffle's thrilling history at the virtual documentary »20 Jahre Savoy Truffle/Spontan«.

Why are you using a cello?

Hmmm ... maybe ’cause it sounds good? It looks cool? It's in »I am the Walrus«? It's savoytrufflelish?

What does »¿Dónde está la piscina?« mean?

»¿Dónde está la piscina?« means sort of »Where's the swimming pool?«.

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