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High Above
(Karsten Ries)

Count your money baby
Don’t hezitate
Yeah, down by the riverside
There are some waiting
They’ll make you feel alright
Look around baby
And in the shadow you will see them
But the freedom that they sell
Will soon for you look like hell

Higher - Take me higher - High above
Higher - Let me fly - High above

Come take a deep breath, baby
And tell me how you’re feeling
Is the world coloured or is it black and white
Here’s your silver spoon
Won’t you take a ride
Run, run, baby
Oh no, you can’t escape
And no matter how you try
They always come back one more time


Here comes the dream-seller, baby
He sells a lot of dreams tonight
Won’t you take a walk down by the riverside
‘cause here comes the dream-seller, babe
He comes to take you
He comes to fake you
He wants to buy and sell you
Don’t let him break you, baby
The dream-seller

They give you what your flesh desires
As long as you pay their price
You throw it in then you freak out
The whole town seems to be real stoned
You get a different point of view
You think you know the final truth
It’s no secret any more
Sad you know but true