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Don't Cry When I'm Gone
(Erika Labinsky)

Your face tells me that you can't believe
in all the things that I've just had to say
and your eyes seem to? be silently pleading:
oh baby please stay,
Darling, feelings sometimes come as a rainbow
and then slowly disappear like a star,
but the traces of love won't be fading, they're deep in my heart,

Don't cry when I'm gone
just keep going on
you have all the power and
you are strong enough
to live without my love

Loneliness is only a reason to go out and to find someone new,
if you love me you'll respect my decision
and then you'll go through,
Babe, don't think that I'm feeling no sorrow,
I will think of you when I will be far,
you mean everything to me though I'm leaving for all that you are,

Don't cry when I'm gone ...

It takes time to get over a lost love
and it seems oh so easy to give up,
but I know that you won't,
you'll be back on the ground,
and the end will only be a new start.

Don't cry when I'm gone ...