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Caw the Mew’s Caw
(Lisa McKenzie)

I am inert alert hurt
The charme is gone
Though spared no pains
Like a seagull before its flight
I spread my wings and
Caw the mew’s caw.

Up 'n' away, astute, rude
My head is singing
Full of weird words.
Between wind and water, awash and free
I drop my hope and
drawn my love head down

Caw the mew’s caw.

Again a chit, be wit, amiss
Reborn from waves
No more mischief
The aloofness of long lost thoughts
Won’t lead me down
To caw the mew’s caw.

Stirred-up, arisen, hype
Never ending
Recognized, wise
Here I go again designed by storms
Breathing with force
To caw the mew’s caw.