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(Natalie Kielbassa)

I sit and watch out for the night
And still the sun is shining bright
There is a place I’d like to go
Where all my trouble’s running low

There’s where I walk when I’m alone
When I feel like there was no home
And when the sun is going down
I’m up to travel …
Homeward bound

There’s some last light before it’s gone
My glass of wine is almost done
A blanket ’round to keep me warm
The night is doing me no harm

And when it’s dark I’ll pack my bags
It’s over now, what’s coming next?
I’ll go inside and close the door
I’m tired and somehow I feel poor

What makes me worry? I don’t know
It seems like my worst mem’ries show
My secret place is here for me
A smile that I will always see
I’m longing for the morning mood
’Cause that time everything looks good

Is this a search for Ganymed?
My house still waiting with no door
The roof is gone, there is no bed
One single footstep at the shore
Where is the story I was told?
I feel so lonesome and so cold

An early bird, it sings for me
The sun is back to comfort me
So soft and easy at this time
The air is cool, this smile is mine

A footstep’s sound, can this be true?
Outside a train is going by
A face appears out of the blue

And what I’m looking at is you