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A little Moment Only
(Erika Margewitsch)

The fragile girl was standing there with her baggy shirt
A sunbeam hit her reddish hair, her breath was all he heard.
Outside, there was the humming of the cars and life,
but he just sat and looked inside and offered her a smile.

Her head turned slowly to the flowers on the windowsill,
he watched her fingers stroking over violet leaves of silk.
The smell of melted butter lumps filled up the room with heat,
her cheeks turned red and then she stared down onto her feet.

The waitress turns the radio on, 't was a Santana song,
he saw her lips form silent words, her fingers played along.
The clicking of his silver spoon had made a little sound,
her dainty shoulders scarcely twitched and then she turned around.

The little blue points in her eyes were sparkling in the sun,
He felt he had to say a thing, but everything was done.
She took her coat and when she left, she said: "Have a nice day",
her voice was low and somehow sad and then she walked away.

He drank his coffee and he listened to the cars outside,
a little moment only he felt as if he'd cry,
but then he took his suitcase, he was already late,
The door was swinging slowly and still Santana played.