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Lusimi Savoy Truffle is a mini-big band of 9 individualists who don't intend a musical revolution but rather to make this world a slightly better place to be - with cleverly arranged, intelligent, stylish and ultimately beautiful pop songs.

It never gets boring when Savoy Truffle are on stage, breaking down all boundaries between genres in order to re-arrange them to what they call “Unchartable Pop”.
Pop music – not shallow, but intelligent. Songs – deep, but not highbrow.
(Saarbrücker Zeitung)

Savoy Truffle Are:

Awa Taban Shomal
Zippo Zimmermann
(Keyboards, Guitar etc.)

Thom Berger
(Guitar, Vocals)

Alain Neumann
(Percussion, Piano)

Frank J. Meyer

Sigrid Münchgesang
(Cello, Vocals)

Kathrin Berger

(Saxophone, flute)
Natalie Kielbassa

special guest:
Nina Widjaja

and of course:
Thomas Braun
(Technical director)

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