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Das Zeichen des Trüffelschweins

The Truffle Pig

Untiringly it snuffles in the mire of our existence to find the most tasteful tunes, the finest grooves, the most exquisite harmonies.


La Chica


Driving Chiqulinde

La chica -- the epitome of the girlie -- symbolises girlieness as such and at the same time reduces it to absurdum.


Das Zeichen des Megaphons


The Megaphone

Music is not going to be l'art pour l'art, but will be carried out into the world, so that it may make people happy and peaceful.


Das Zeichen des Fürsten


The Fürst Ludwig

A place of rest and refreshment, relaxation and
satisfaction - but also a symbol of richness and
wealth, prosperity and sponsorship.





Precisely and accurately the ball will be holed out, the rhythmical patterns and breaks will be made to come to the point but beneath the hard core is hidden a soft heart, which will let any music group from Germany who come along raid fridge and bar.


The sign of the Truffle Pig